Spark Jump Partners

This page is for community organisations who have partnered with Web Access Waikato to distribute Spark Jump modems.

I’ll keep links here to our partner documents so you can always find the most up to date version.

This links to a Google folder containing our Partner docs


24 Sep 2018
Skinny need to update the firmware inside the modems that we’re distributing.
Info from Skinny that will be sent to our families explaining how the update works for them
The Skinny help desk will manage this directly with families who already have modems in use at home, but it’s up to us to update modems that we have on hand.
Web Access Waikato want to make this as easy as possible for our partners to upgrade the modems you have on hand. We will either visit you and upgrade your stock and we can ship replacements to you. Please contact us with the number of modems you have on hand and I’ll sort out a plan.